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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 4, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a work around but after the evening commute to night cruise will had backed the tracks those countries will not be stopping a west oakland is a people writing should of the pay attention to the announcements. art says it's a running longer trains for wednesday's game sprint boards does not expect a drought is in that area >> : live look for our camera on mt. tam. pretty gloomy skies. right up there right now. the we also have video from the civic of fremont along with paul creak. >> : it is ready up there. >> : it's hurting right now over seven sale were still seems but a showers over portions of the bay area. it continues to the evening to listen to look at storm trackers for radar. in see the rain at occurring at this hour. have your assault
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the movie over oakland. lot of that over the coastal waters though. as a move onto the coast line will continue as the spotty showers over half moon bay. very light rain here only seen about few hundred 7- rain. all the higher terrain. in see a yellow claremont's a 10th of the drain. >> : as a look up toward the north bay also seeing several spotty showers about high won a one also an apple. will continue with these showers and a lot next couple of hours. the storm has not want a lot of the bay area it will be pushing on as we head into tonight and tomorrow. well what we can forecast was not one of mrs. one big warmup in store coming up. >> : drivers should you wear a white rose. live look from the richmond center of the bridge. to some retail bridge bay bridge pre toll plaza where traffic action looks pretty good will have a full traffic report and
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about 15 minutes. for some breaking news police in san francisco said the street has been hit by a car. in looking at the scene the pedestrian reportedly thrown into the street by somebody. happened before this afternoon. this is in the area of octavia and. we don't know if the matter was thrown in the street the area you're looking at by at least one person. the person drove away in a white car. the driver of the car that hit the person did say at the scene that dealt with the investigation. we do not know how badly hurt the pedestrian is. details still developing will continue the stay on this and bring you the latest information as we get. >> : >> : 5 as expected formal indictment with corruption and conspiracy charges issued by a grand jury today. 29 people have been
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targeted including suspended state senator lindy. and raymond chow. >> : against suspended senator and 27 others for money laundering to murder for hire. leet and himself is facing allegations of conspiracy to import firearms and bribery. >> : there is promises made for political or other reasons as essentially the elements that have to prove that's where the uncovers aren't crucial. in this case. >> : former u.s. attorney. >> : once there is agreement to commit a crime and then action in further. that's at a phone call can be enough for conspiracy. defense now have back to have to commit the offense pre they'll have to agree to commit and off
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confirm back. the series are the easiest one approve. >> : with some defendants this will be complicated for prosecution. >> : a can be so complicated that the jurors get lost in the minutes show. the role of the prosecutors to makessible. r for as possible. all the same time dealing with an army of defense attorneys that are going to be combating fighting every piece of evidence that once again in this case. >> : all 29 defendants are due in court tuesday for formal arraignment. airline >> : and stay with us on the corporate history posted the full indictment on kron4- dot-com on the mobile app for as well you see more. >> : another san francisco politician former supervisor was back in the
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spotlight today the judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail. a year of community service. this is for line where he lives when running for office. curie's spent five years in federal prison for perjury and extortion. he pleaded guilty in 2008 to charges that he demanded money from chinatown business in exchange for his help as a supervisor. >> : dairy and rescue to the life of what year-old beagle is in distress abort sail boat drifting what we off the coast. their national guard has one team on board cell ball right now in another standing by. >> : a second 130 combat shadow like this one took off from the field friday treat our mission described as both risky and one of the most
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difficult ever taken by the guards rescuing. >> : if the life of the family or the baby is in jeopardy that's when we would operation must litigation would go up a little bit. leading supplier been rescued >> : whshall and your family video posted on you to her out of san diego. the child is now stable after for a coal train parachutists and flyball about were dropped from an earlier planned. thursday evening. if the status of the patient changes for the worst are helicopters will take off from cowpoke mexico and start heading toward the vessel. essentially they'll be heading out there are less for what is the patient and family it as well as the p.j.'s and grows off of the
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ship. the plan for now orchestrated from the command center here is wait for nearby ships reach his elbow. either way the rest you is to oppose the start >> : if all goes according to plan with his latest mission will be adding one more number to that figure. airline >> : command about 515 words that turtle man off the got a job descriptions that makes some women what less likely to apply. then you might not about to steal some light. it trixies been used by marketers to capture children's eyes. >> :
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especially if your nidal's to do research for women who stay up late are more likely to have a dramatic encounters but less likely to get married or have long- term relationships. >> : women who stay up late tend to be risk takers. much like men who don't sleep early. research on women who are uplight have higher levels of the hormone cortisol trade more prevalent usually in men. higher energy lotto'
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>> : when police are on high alert and that a suspected child the order in a big mistake. and the fbi says it could lead to his capture. [doorbell rings]
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what apparently less likely to apply for job if it sounds like it's meant for man. german researchers say that they show it at for a management position for both men and women when the ads use words associate with a male stereotype treated women were less interested. assertive aggressive and appeared on the more hand. there spawning more 2 responsible indicated >> : we saw cell move through and even see were having some sun break out right now. we've been seeing showers come and go. rainfall totals over the past four hours
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racial intent of the drain to a third of an inch of rain. little more than expected because the system has been moving very slow. it's been hovering around agreeing on an offering to settle at star trek for 4 yd. or was all these they keep pushing up in san leandro. you see part of that rain. because of its c showers fell, as well. up the north bay also sings some spotty showers. satellite radar picture again this rain has been just hovering. a stationary over last couple of hours pre is the little movement. morgan time out of the cassette will get a weekend had coming up. >> : san fransico please on high alert after some officers were friends. police say this is in connection with recent officer involved should including a case where a man was shot and
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killed. >> : police say they're taking these threats very seriously. >> : hearings of his copley's headquarters police are on high alert this after a series of threats. against officers. this was going on. please are collaborating on the steps that they're taking to ensure that officers stayed on the job. they're simply saying that they are taking extra precautionary measure measures pre >> : is all has to do with several recent officer involved shootings. like back in march 21st on a note serve all treated 28 year- old man from bernal heights were shot and killed by officers. he reportedly brought a sudden unplanned that please. believing that it was a real handgun officers shot the man. last weekend there is a march for the resin that was killed. some residents expressing harsh words against police.
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>> : a large crowd became rowdy against law enforcement. the employees are not elaborating on how many threats have command headquarters only say they're investigating and taking the threats seriously. >> : justin and settles a judge ruled that a convicted steal year-old rapist known as the pillow case rapist can be released to: paul volcker. the fight whether or where this man will go. he's been set for release. >> : he was convicted to a set >> : 197172 also in the south bay from 1980 to '82. at that assembles a middle school in 1990. he was originally set to be released to a home in l.a.. but the landlord withdrew the offer after not cry.
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from the committee >> : there was an argument escalated between specialist lopez and other soldiers before the shooting happened at the military base earlier this week. and for could texas. >> : the gun but the store was used on the same day that he wrote a specialist is the page " a spiritual pieces of it has all gone away to a full page i now believe the devil is taking me. ". the base commander downplayed the alleged killers mental problems. align the underlying medical conditions we do not believe are the direct precipitating factor to the incident. >> : the motive may a dog with him. >> : we don't know exactly why he did what he did we may never know. >> : the time of father was
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>> : man returned short time later with his country the first night he shot was killed. then he turned the gun towards johnson. and it and fired. the people killed rodriguez age 38 with a 20 year-old army veteran. 39 year-old florida native who returned from afghanistan. and so it to miss the 37 year-old from illinois. >> : father of the lot looks as the situation is very painful right peripheral families affected. special with his ongoing investigation. my son must of not been in his right mind. >> : the people killed will be memorialized on wednesday. >> : such how about selling cereal. making bucks appeal
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you lead to a close look at the cereal aisle the next amigo shopping and new study says the colorful characters, boxes are trying to make eye contact with the children. >> : it has come to this where analyzing the body language of cereal box. are you kids been stopped at the grocery store. airline >> : . right into their souls. making cocoa for a couple of screed university study that adult seals are placed on high shelves. kids' cereals on lower ones. from down there the characters try to establish eye contact with kids. they go
5:24 pm
>> : sit on the characters on adult seals look straight ahead. and all other be able to walk on the seral i'll again without having eyes on a tree >> : is now the direct eye contact between humans and purges trust. labatt holds true for a cereal box characters. the dissidents were shorter rabbit from tricks with his eyes down or looking instead of your. feeling of connection to the brand was 28% higher. from rabbit look said the test subjects. let >> : is all this alleged i contact really spent the
5:25 pm
liberation. i'll the this is necessarily an is registered appeal adoptable cereal. kelloggs maker of frosted flakes pre told cnn we do not attach a like position our characters on packages. police said the deli will have a million is drilling holes in you. >> : developer con from lucky charms is rolling his eyes over this one. >> : coming up the hunt for a child better big clue he left behind which could crack the case right the government missing airline could become even more difficult >> :
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fbi wants help from the public at stopping the dangerous child predator that of the suspect was found in the san francisco home. the whole different man charged with child
5:29 pm
pornography. with a photo of the one to man. aged say not typical for a suspect that child pornography case to show his face. but clearly this man did. investigators hope this will be his undoing >> : john doe no. 28 will not run for more than two years and as investigators say what he's accused of is done right discussing. individuals and better in the. airline they're able to uncover this picture of the child predator during arrest on for man and the rest of the >> : agents did not release any specific information about the man they rested they did so for see jumbo 28 and a two-minute video found in a collection recovered during the boss. but le worst
5:30 pm
thing that could be happening is another child is hurt. >> : investigators say there could be several victims and not limiting their search for the suspect nationwide effort. we don't worry is we don't know who we is we just know the allegations here are that he is charged with child exploitation and molestation. >> : big story federal indictment of the state senator leland t. the grand jury issued its support 29 suspects the charges ranging from money laundering to murder for hire the facing charges including conspiracy to sell weapons pre bribery this indictment in line with the criminal complaint filed last week after a three-year
5:31 pm
fbi investigation. among the defendants keith jackson. and what's new with a criminal complaint. >> : the number of defendants went from 26 to 29. boy had the charges of money- laundering to him. keith jackson had three more counts added. and senator e. a nightmare charge added conspiracy to engage and selling all or services. >> : conspiracy for defense lawyers is a control. essentially it means you cannot actually commit the crime because you agree to do with another person to actually face the same sentence. he still facing a 20 year sentence even if
5:32 pm
they approve it yet to get the fact that he agreed to do it. l be enough to send him to jail. >> : we all but a couple people that were added to list i think there by our people involved. >> : what air interesting is whether these people are gonna be rolling over and we'll spread between now and next few months where see who tries megadeal. tuesday the fed droll arraignment. to see if it's legal to enact a the we'll see what happens in that particular part of time that this is getting a headline in british is theirs is getting a lot of ink. airline >> : we'll see in the corruption case charge of gun smuggling or bundling. and that sort of where again were conspiracy law comes into play trade there's no allegation that some early action engaged in importing guns but they're alleging that he lost with this
5:33 pm
person in delhi city mr. lynn i believe pre agreed to perform that in the act of smuggling guns and. fbi says that's basically the act of taking $1,600 in cash for its campaign along with accepting illicit weapons. essentially it puts you in jeopardy of serving the same kind of sentence defeat he exited the crime itself. >> : developing right now time is really of the essence for the search of all-important black box the malaysian air route line. it may be somewhere at the bottom of the indian ocean. the data recorder but the battery only lasts 30 days. is four weeks ago today about a triple seven went missing
5:34 pm
is a residence time. cruising the high-tech black boxer locator devices preseason alum right here the been towed behind search boats and attacked the pain. the search " has to be within a mile. to hear the pangs. >> : 84,000 mi. off the west coast of australia reported lower please their waltzes through the challenges. >> : after a day of clear whether we're now starting to see some light rain or eight of the coast. the weather about a thousand miles from here answer some is similar. relatively calm seas which is good for search crews today. cousin or distracted by those we can't always did what kids like to be easily mistaken for possible debris floating the water. in the over that jewels charges are over for the eight and those planes from countries are flying back to air bases in
5:35 pm
an underwater search this or are as coin to be active 247. just maybe locator behind australian ship. is going to be functioning and a likely 47 underwater listening for any possible signal from the and flight data recorder from third fled the city. the problem is the less of a sophisticated technology. all that technology is just fine but it needs more narrow search area that we have right now. surgery it needs to be about a hundred times smaller for this technology to effectively locate possible debris. the answers that we simply don't have right now. >> : is evanses got a pedestrian hit by car. let's figure we've been told the person and was hit by the car was not thrown in the street. apparently that's not true. please note telling us the pedestrian may of been drinking and drug and
5:36 pm
stumbled into traffic. a hit by car. for the got as a head injury. >> : spotty showers not running the country we saw lots of the village rain to about 1/3 of an inch of rain or a bay area. so as rainfall totals we did see more and richmond. nearly half inch rain there. as the exception rather than the rule. as a look right now some chart greater. we see showers to the portions of the bay tree line continues to the next few hours pre on feature cast. but as of the motion. ovitz's o'clock hour. it this will come down later tonight. but we can forecast coming up. >> : that's mutt system hacked by a five year old. new study certain types of popular medicine could increase your risk of death.
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♪ mattress discounters studies as anti and zaydi drugs can increase risk of death. people who took drugs like xanax and volume more than doubled the chance of dying. researchers say many of these drugs to work well for a while. but not for the long term. the 40 million americans suffer from anxiety. the study is in the british medical journal. other cities as nearly a third of prescriptions written by doctors go unfilled. the that the prescription history of more than 15,000 patients did end adiabatic prescriptions for more likely be felt and picked up. further discussions for chronic conditions like heart disease depression or not. >> :
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yancey raindrops on all lines. partly cloudy skies did the showers at 1:00 this afternoon. brent time that of future cast and weekend had coming up.
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address of the awarding the five year old for getting surrounds security measures and x box video game system. >> : a hitter and vulnerability that could let anybody break into a country of water and ability it uncovered by a fighter old. >> : we've played is x box his feet don't touch the ground. his words are sometimes hard to understand but something he just did. sent a message loud and clear to all of the smartest tech people at marcus of. >> : the notice that he is putting into his father's
5:45 pm
account. the plan gives it was supposed to. the debt as the federal how did that. suddenly excited chris showed that. any type in a bad password and by typing in space key is and hit enter a back door and. the father who works as a computer's security was one proud father. how awesome as separate as the first time that he at age 1 got past the potluck on cell phone by holding down old clunky. for years eight wait a a mutt x box one. the reported the bug and to microsoft. microsoft came to a fixed and acknowledge the five year-old as it to carry researcher.
5:46 pm
>> : assault is awarding the little boy with all it yearlong sister jan 2 x box live. and other prizes. ninth >> : right to the area. more heavy rain over hayward right now. about a 10th of the draper our pre ec rain run over 68580. for dublin. as will adopt for the cosigners seeing some have yourself pushed their half moon bay in a 10th of an inch of rain there. but to the north the also seen more moderate rainfall we see all yellow. satellite and up to treat showers are almost a share at this hour. they're moving so slowly was likely see more and out there today than expected is going to be pushing out as we had in the overnight hours. expect more showers seating. this again
5:47 pm
will be dry and warmer. special sunday. again the next week the warming trend continues monday tuesday buckler conditions to round up the work week. >> : spotty showers continuing six. considering also that a clock tower. the see that decrees and coverage and to nine. as we head toward midnight will see mainly dry conditions. >> : but the doors warmup in some cloud cover still left over. all help keep us a little warmer like in places like sampras is coquetries their pre 48 and oakland. now for inland valleys still a little clearer. a little chilly at 43 in pleasanton and also in livermore 44 for sunnyvale. the afternoon were looking at upper 60s and low 70's. down south bay. significant warmup for what sunday. seven degrees and moscow's. in the dollar's 68 unpleasant and 70 on order and talk to me
5:48 pm
also in what creek. low to mid 60's for these peace bay shore line 66 in richmond. i've looked for the coastline as the low sixties there. 62 and differences go emmett's the upper 60s the '70s for the north bay. i thought for residency are worse things so right now. kind of spotty. some areas of heavy snow we see dark blue on the screen grid also is one than to write to our dry air warmer. a warming trend is also been a continuing into next week 65 degrees on monday. >> : old got a lot warmer out there this again a special sunday. nearing 800 with the coast. again the '80s monday tuesday. as our gradual cool down toward the end. >> : charges once and in the seed has been taken into custody by u.s. marshals now he's going to be extradited from los angeles and he a
5:49 pm
bodyguard are accused of hitting a man outside the hotel. the one you saw there in washington last october. brown remains under court supervision in l.a. pre for felony assault case file after is 2009 attack on what to 92,000 jobs added in march. not bad but the unemployment rate did not drop. is a good is a bad. >> : there's good and bad in this latest report on the job market on the one hand the economy added a hundred 92,000 positions in march it was enough to bring down unemployment rates. >> : last year taught to the rebels wanted 92 isn't as strong. also wages went down in march and a number of people working part time but one full-time rose. >> :
5:50 pm
private-sector is back where was before the recession. private-sector lost 8.8 million jobs during the crisis and now gain back 8.9 million. rep the break-even point the job market can finally get a recovery stage and get into the expansion fate the stilicho was five years to get here this is all this recovery on record. analysts say it will supply all to get employment down. >> : harry still continuing at a decent place. analysts expect the economy to pick up later this year. >> : to check on wall street. stock traders something big- name companies including facebook google the flex group biotech companies took a beating to. but at the closing numbers for friday. >> : coming up distracted driving
5:51 pm
because drivers are not aware of this windings even it it's staring them in the face. all explain in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8. >> : the sort wearing who last week's severance manning when the season and play a game while wearing the glass. >> :
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brian here is standing just a few feet away from my camera he as well be miles away. he is immersed in bed at a tense and old-fashioned food fight high taxol. you see a virtual cartoon world which overlays on lower real world. as a first of its kind with their new game global food fight. the first game application ever been designed and launch simultaneously for both google glass and i phone.
5:55 pm
>> : it's a whole new category of gaining. >> : and the censors is in talks new ways to have the ability to for a movement and the jester. much like you would a figure on a touch screen on is far from. airline a sorceress of google glass of the restraints it is very rewarding we land food under frederick you play against bodies say kevin on gun game with anyone else who has this free at on device phone tablet or were will vary and working on a version for smart watches. the glass wearing >> : an elegant used to people having their head buried in the phone tablet computers beginning a new glass is little different. and i take some getting used to. >> : his job was to serve protect
5:56 pm
now the police officer facing drug charges and an army some other rules they face are discriminatory about hairdo
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
federal corruption case involving states under leland yee is moved to next level. he has been formally indicted along with 28 other people. in this and a list of charges that could add up to more than a hundred years in prison if can it >> : suspended senator alleged
5:59 pm
crime boss raymond are among the 29 defendants in the grand jury indictment. it includes 50 counts for money laundering to murder for hire arms dealing. and money-laundering >> : they're going to be powerful and their testimony because they are theoretically employes of the federal government. much less subject to impeachment. then say to us that pre >> : with some defendants the case will be very complicated for the prosecution. we have a case like this sometimes can be so complicated that the jurors get lost the make deals in testify for the cover of all there's possibly state senator reid will ask to have his case separated from the other defendants. >> : opposition all facing 11
6:00 pm
than a group. specifically the indictment says he and consultant keith jackson took part in the scheme an official position for is a senator to enrich themselves and obtain money. the jaw and the other is of her back in court on tuesday. >> : for severance is goes supervisor ed shoe was in court today his sentence for perjury after serving five years at a on several charges. this follows the indictment against suspended senator the lindy. >> : the corruption charges are both facing to to that accusation through his attorney. >> : he is nothing to do with in
6:01 pm
the case and never did. on many would argue he was actually. whether they're connected are not the largest connection is individuals that are members of body of a government trade and public has the right to bad. what officials are applied by the rules. after not going to the be consequence. >> : >> : california air national guard reporting that has reached the family and medical distress on a sailboat drifting far off the mexico coast. when you're old gugirl. early photo obviously became ill after her family set sail
6:02 pm
from san diego. the sailboat now about 900 nautical miles. national guard medical team now on board. that stabilize the little girl now waiting to be picked up by nearby ship. add a second rescue team in mexico standing by in case needed. airline of the says of the pension changes for the worse our helicopters will take off from, " mexico and start heading toward the vessel and essentially they'll be heading up their in their lives and was the patient and family. as well as the p.j.'s and throws off of the ship. there is eaten alive the refilled their pre will be part of a risky 14 hour flight. the rescue is expected to happen on saturday. >> :
6:03 pm
queues of burglary and elder abuse and obtaining prescription drugs pre cannot officer meth user. he is in court today prosecutors say he used his status as the officer to enter apartments of some senior citizens. at a complex in concord. this a he took a powerful prescription drug norco was to get inside. he turned himself and today he's in county jail. he's on administrative leave. >> : scattered showers from the bay area at making it a foggy commute. running car earlier in specific up. and the evanses go about 1/3 of an inch of rain reported. the chief meteorologist setting by trade >> : web more sun as we had in the weekend right now is still dealing with spotty showers because the system is been so slow moving. a lot slower than i anticipated last may. we
6:04 pm
look live right now you can see cloud cover still sticking around the sun peeking through in the distance. as we look at rainfall totals for the best we for our three see these very quite a bit said the manager rain in the third event rain. as again more than we expected. the system is moving very slowly. but to the minister rain in hayward livermore. thing in san jose a little bit more in concord and in on view. as a look at storm their rhetoric will street still seeing stars in this hour. is in bonds soared to as low light rain heading toward berlin game and san carlos. some ranges pass-through he learned. dublin the 10th of an injury per hour there. also the sow has a move to much from the north bay cree more moderate rainfall over vallejo a 10th of an inch of rain there as well. the
6:05 pm
showers will continue this evening brutal time that all of the cast of they will come to and coming up. >> : young area of marine killed last month with writing his motorcycle. in the east bay. he's a pelage a drunk driver heading toward his in-laws. >> : it was standing room only as hundreds gathered in union city. where the funeral service of 23 year-old andrew silver up. tears flowed as fellow marines carried the casket in the sanctuary. beckham march 24th he was wearing riding a motorcycle in fremont when he was killed by an alleged drug driver. he recently returned home from a tour of duty. >> : father talked about the young man who grew up in the church. >> :
6:06 pm
he's married couple. i think he got that from his mother. his mother was also very giving. >> : he is an example setter to a lot of his peers. to us what his family is cumbersome. everyone was devastated. u.s. military veterans firefighters and union city police were among those who came to pay their respects. all this solemn occasion >> : with extremely saddened a this tragic circumstance and its list we can do today to show support for his family. the committee and the armed forces as well. >> : although his life was cut short when corporal solo leaves behind the good example serving others. >> : getting less for other
6:07 pm
>> : address of what is survived by his wife julie and two year-old son. >> : new details in the fortunate as family of the gunmen break his silence. seventh is to please are on high alert tonight. the troubling threats they're taking seriously crude and next old doctor's research goes to a when unexpected wind in the fight against aids.
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6:09 pm
6:10 pm
drug meant to weaken the body's defense systems may actually help in the fight against hiv and aids. ucsf dr. dr. on transplants patients. >> : when transplant patients are given a particular drugs that a big drop in hiv levels. in the drug attracted x the lingering hiv virus. patients usually the ticket cocktail of drugs to keep the virus under control this might help getting the promising findings of the new study. they agreed to sponsor more research. >> : rookie of is getting ready to getting ready to hit the street by those offices are making history.
6:11 pm
>> : the shooting continues with what the family of the gunman as saying. >> : gunman as saying. >> : [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of ncaa march madness. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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6:14 pm
developing news out of fort hood. investigators still trend figure out why 34 year-old ivan lopez killed three people and injured 16 others wednesday. >> : a search of the home of for a good shooter yvonne lopez is little close of why he opened fire. >> : they're dipping ago and is hacked his passing, i experienced pre the commander says that lopez said a logical is issues for moderate cost pre >> : we believe that the immediate presented in factor was escalating argument. we still are still conducting an investigation. search for answers continues its is the grief. among the visitors to the
6:15 pm
committee friday texas gov. rick perry. >> : there no way to what was suffering that is occurring. >> : sgt carlos at age 38 with a 20 year-old army veteran danny ferguson 39 florida native the return from afghanistan. to see a bounce from illinois. >> : father of lopez is saying the situation is painful on >> : lopez had been treated for anxiety and being evaluated for posttraumatic stress disorder. a month >> : latest death toll on
6:16 pm
washington this state. very bad the 17 listed as missing. this has been ended and see why a slower moving search to a mile of mud. now to members of the search and rescue force heading to washington to help. they will be part of a special 20 member support team. it up of urban search and rescue workers from all over the country. today the 46th anniversary of the assassinations of civil- rights looter leader martin luther martin luther king jr. could he's shot while standing on the balcony of the tennessee hotel. escaped convict james rowe rate was found her to be guilty of murder. he died in 1998. >> : are the morning fire at children's hospital building in oakland. this is being investigated as arson tree and a two-story house. at use as administrative offices. a fire reported about 230 in the morning. no one was in the building no injuries reported. damage is
6:17 pm
estimated at $150,000. >> : investigators and arson for large the amount of fire that burned the building spitfires officials say the fire started at 6:30 p.m.. in sacramento on theatrical lighting x building in midtown sacramento. arson investigators say could be linked to three house fires earlier thursday in the area. and then not ruled out the possibility of a serial arsonist. business owners in the area of the buildings had exotic cars three no injuries reported. >> : this is scot this the biggest academy class to every witness the new officers and 168 class caught badges at the ceremony today. the number of officers and oakland's not to watter 59 another class of 42 is going
6:18 pm
to graduate in july. >> : so we followed. san fransico please find a stolen vehicle there was a suspected thief inside. and you're seeing the truck there. founts your turpin jones. the man they say to regulate and in cars putting a police officer all the officers injuries were told on the not life- threatening. the man has been caught and is in custody. >> : moderate rainfall down along the peninsula. and also in portions of the north big trade dundas and retail you see the heavy rain is pushed out to the south. lettuce sells here now. also of san mateo bridge does look toward dublin. razzle that appear as well. still pre moderate and between the bottle and vallejo. is the about a 10th of an inch of rain per hour. airline as well as the late a picture a lot of the brain really hasn't budged much in a lot
6:19 pm
of us are. very little money and still see the shower decreasing this hour. a continued to grow as we head into the overtime hours. as of chards evening to all sunny and dry and warmer. even more as we head into sunday. will get caught up aired monday tuesday next week. temperatures soaring in the '80s. will start to cool down for than the we. >> : few shoppers continue to that caught our mes of the golden gate. as we had the night 10:00 hour things really start to dry out. let dry conditions as we head into tomorrow. so little cloud cover to get around. as we head into tomorrow morning. all more mild in some places mainly in the course i like separate the scope of their pre 43210 pleasanton 344 in sunnyvale. start the day for the afternoon were looking at upper 60s low seventies in the south bay. significant warmup the most up-to-date. 78687 is a in milpitas
6:20 pm
since thing and not all auto. for the they will he get up as it sees as well for the most are pure fuel assemblies but sen. 64 though in hayward 65 and at san leandro. 68 and pleasanton. at the coastline were seen low 60s same thing and san francisco. and the north bay is the upper 60s and low '70's did look at extended forecast. but trouble warmup this weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s the '70s tomorrow. widespread '70s for sunday. then into the 80s as we head into monday and tuesday. this article down slightly and wednesday for more dramatic cooling >> : sunday rock-and-roll marathon starts in san francisco at 6:30 a.m. sunday along the great highway from their the course once to the average man. to the presidio across the golden gate bridge. and then back across the span to
6:21 pm
the presidio along the waterfront and the marine up. and then south along told and larkin street. elfish at the civic center near city hall. travers and certainly not expect delays riposted all those specifics on our website >> : coming up professional football players get invited to all kinds of events not every day a little girl was one of the forty-niners to show what her birthday party. >> : u.s. soldiers up in arms with new regulations about herself. bulldog: bulldog: [whimpering] has your old bed got you in a twist? well, mattress discounters has up to 48 months interest-free financing. plus, mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! now what's best about 48 months interest-free financing at mattress discounters? it's 28 years in dog financing.
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♪ mattress discounters
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6:24 pm
new hairstyle regulations for women in the army is being criticized by what some people are doing the new rule is racist. throughout a r 67-one. was announced this week did it deals with hair styles. among the rules to this end gridlock's are not allowed.
6:25 pm
and raise must be smaller in diameter. they say about the rules were approved with focus groups and service before they were made official. the rule has prompted a white house petition to allow for peristyles the people want. and has 11,000 signatures so far. we ask you what you thought was pre >> : the military should work with them on this. the marks of electoral dough unless it's not complicated. >> : coming up at 630 testing >> : recent events that triggered anger pre >> : than a predator that terrorized the bay area being released. with the so- called >> :
6:26 pm
big celebration she's enjoying. >> : at the white house. >> : down conferences go partly cloudy skies right now a few showers lingering around the bay area. the third imitate bring off soon coming up [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey.
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and santa clara county judge issued a ruling in the pillow case rate this case. involving six be three-year- old chris clobbered who's been and are present for much of his left connected to 38 different sex crimes across the state of california. today he issued a proposal for his release. of the u.s. delegation is at 8:00. >> : another big story in san fransico san fransico police are on heightened alert. as a separate several threats. please headquarters in the
6:30 pm
city. this all has to do with several recent officer involved shooting spree including the fatal shooting of alessandro. he is killed back in march pre police believe that a gunman he is holding and the cheyenne and the x cloudy he is holding a sundown. >> : in union city of funeral " for a lance corporal and crude suit is a lot. and drew still a lot. >> : a lot of his family robison. miss him. \ here muffin field air national guard and middle rescue missions and hundred nautical miles out of the specific motion. pacific
6:31 pm
ocean. >> : this is foot sailboat when rescue team from moffett field reach the sailboat thursday evening. and was able to stabilize the child. >> : mn on entering the rescue operation from a command center. stay on your ship is now on route to the scene. meanwhile a second team which left off the early friday. is standing by at. to fly helicopters 40 mi. round trip if necessary refilling along like a done >> : at the federal courthouse in san francisco grand jury handing down. rancher boy chao and set 27 others among the charges against the are including bribery conspiracy to deal in import far as trade he and other defendants to beckham court with a formal arraignment on tuesday. >> :
6:32 pm
big weather sorts night world warmer weather in the weekend. now still dealing with spotty showers. you see it star trek for radar to the north-south will start down near the south make it will seaboard moderate rain. your call poultry grain coming down to a quarter inch of rain brower. was the latter in dover san carlos and over and the bay cemetery ridge pre >> : or toward the east they were seeing some pedicels they're pushing to castro valley court in portland. as far as the no. they lead to more moderate rainfall here as well. also coming down about a 10th of an inch of rain for our to a quarter of an inch of rain per hour. as a look at celebrate a picture will see showers are starting to diminish. this evening we saw a few left there continue to the x our so. things will start to dry out. >> : into the weekend will see one or drier weather. especially sunday will be warmer. debitors near a on sunday. want get even more than that on next week. the medical down toward the end
6:33 pm
of the workweek to the to the door to our morning mainly in the '40's. degrees: 7 cisco 44 in redwood city 45 in concord in the afternoon will be climbing substantially it to what we had today upper 60s low seventies. bay area wide. little cooler near the close land still low sixties there. the warming trend will continue as we head into the weekend into next week as well. things will be warmer sunday. by monday tuesday were tugging what about aids. >> : would dramatically expected thursday >> : to a powerful storm that brought hail as big as baseball's to denton texas yesterday the hill smashed car windows and terrified shoppers pre >> : tornado sirens sounded. as a fault line formed on the horizon. an arsonist on like
6:34 pm
this and not from your >> : people ran for cover ducking inside this wal-mart. moments later the storm struck. littering the ground with helphale. at this are dealing in the building. ever seen that thing happened before people will or should to back a star. polls in skylights did hill coming through the top of the store. it was falling everywhere every move east drivers along three pullover and caught a message show. but the mass of clout in getting bigger and bigger. by the time looked at my whole back windshield was already out. her only consolation on the her
6:35 pm
children were out hard way. it wasnt backed there were all glasses >> : to a party going on right now we're there. the president and his guests are celebrating great independent state. tonight for the debfor the services go greek restaurant on every own the keyre done in-the light was invited to attend the special dinner and she is in watching. she has pictures from the visit of the white house before she left she give us a sneak peek of the menu and special preparation at the white house kitchen was making for the event. >> : it's of illegal entrants and the for the sweet tooth after. we as a peek at the
6:36 pm
clock and dennis lamb chops. >> : the secret to lamb chops the marinade and then the girl. apparently the white house kitchen is not equipped with the speaker dealt there are actually setting up roadside out why house lawn. so that we can prepare. and serve them >> : notre to lighthouses complete without self picture with the vice- president will get that. the key with a big smile right next to joe biden. fuel but the key like we do party with power player she's right in her element >> : little girl and a bay area jews big when she gets an invitation list for her party. 49er she's inviting. >> : box office receipts hbo
6:37 pm
holding their premier for new series set to debut on hbo this sunday night. why they're holding the red carpet from year and silicon valley. that's the name of the show and let's all about. the new series is a comedy entitled silicon valley. show created by mike behind the movie office space. roping not to offend any of the real techies and so, like be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. for the sec report year off from the cast for all been to the real set of all, like proud. >> :
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6:41 pm
six year-old fan elizabeth. >> : at she calls herself biggest fan. and i tend to the birthday bash pre tin plates letter this month. the theme frozen the disney movie. after a #52 got a letter he posted it on face books. of course he can show to every birthday party gets invited to but the shuttle alone made elizabeth's day. >> : garry and police to respond to questions garry has the highlights in all sports next highlights in all sports next >> : [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv.
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evening everyone. the giants
6:45 pm
threw in the dodgers home opener today. please was packed that has been open since 1962. budget one from vince scully. 85 years old. he's been doing the dodger games forever. for fifth 55 years three >> : arrived late for batting practice and the giants went to opponent the starting pitcher has a couple rbis pre the giants scored six runs in the first inning and then to carry cruise the rest like it ought underrate he's here. the second of back-to-back drop. the judds had this little bit about seven ramirez soulmates a separate again the great players culprit he is tat you out. where a
6:46 pm
lesson in arizona began in the colts' 199 replay worked out. good year is throwing a heavy heavy. five innings three hits and no runs. in severance is go now goes to for and won. they're holding up a game for about half hour. it will probably going tonight. around 740. at the oakland coliseum. the a's in seattle. worries plan tonight. great to have the grounds that area. big popularity's unless seen taking a pitch is a picture with the president. he is in charge here for the world champion red sox today. and it just the guys making five the $10 million from the insurance bring 16 sapphires
6:47 pm
and rubies and 14 carat white gold. congratulations to all big properties and the red sox. every martina's was part-time or runs out star will be going hall of fame last year. he carried on the championship trophy and reds 6 socks. >> : when the guys from the where they go to whether it congratulations on a win. something the hang onto. here's another challenge we probably had the first inside the park, and of the year. here comes to a single kid the ball. at first his role inside the park home run. rollicks cited then the
6:48 pm
review the ball which stuck under the fence. sending back the second >> : to all-time pro bowl quarterback cents a to your deal with the saints preheat the great star with denver. now decide if your lens great to see titan's cut one time 2000 are running back chris johnson. is complaining that he wants more money. >> : pete carroll this will but jim harbaugh pete carroll with one year left on his contract got a three-year extension today. he making 6 1/2 million after winning the super bowl you figure it went up to eight. course harbaugh had two years left on his extension and appears the forty-niners are gullible on met jim whitley week when the super bowl the won't be. on >> : max always happy that peat is insecure. jim is
6:49 pm
>> : jim missed a making 5 million year. are people saying we listen the real trouble why they disrespecting jim. essays making a $5 million a year and has two years left on the deal. >> : the warriors game time decision there enough was the king. tonight and oakland. wayne gretzky's daughter in the middle of a big controversy on the cover of golf digest did and why this provocative pose of golf digest. well what people are saying what you have a regular pga golfer or woman lpga golfers yavlinsky. polio she is engaged to a player on the pga tour. dustin johnson. nonetheless people are up in arms. i hate to say it more
6:50 pm
about than what's on the cover of golf digest but never mind your about that by the way. come sunday night were back in the weekend news business. real try a sunny but sunday night's was special. i've just been informed all be making special guest the >> : sense that somebody had back to the tube. god old war horse back on funding. but she substance of now. will not eat >> : quick
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
daniel murphy of the mets me miss the two games because of a birth. how wrong is more. poor boomer is beginning to come old money did to a talk radio show is probably the most animated he's been. he's walking through. he has had a pretty good career >> : after that the wife should of had a c section. so the guy to come back to the part that state. he ended up taking two games off and a big storm about. you just can't tell. the other host and a radio. k b r is second grade their no. 1 sports
6:55 pm
talk to sit in the country. and they just get flooded. bread, and apologized. he basically said hey it's early morning at 01 us again. to be very making $5 million year if it's not like is struggling along tree-lined as if you love your job you more inclined to come back earlier. you just don't say pre like boomer did. >> : did talk show host and leave and everything they say or are topics brought to get a reaction. >> : if you been doing a long time you can pretty much do or say not everything they wont let within reason trade after nougat sometimes you start taking is real strong stands because want get noticed. by the end of the day i think that the experience people to have to push all the pre >> : is pushing toward sits out of character >> :
6:56 pm
why must you bring up the money. >> : to be honest with you i think it's how we can gain stuff. but this plan is he's not worth 17 million that's the best way i can say that the giants did make a mistake to bring back his have a lot of equity with the franchisees' very popular but moscow's is a nice guy and all that but five years ago he is worth the time money is not worth any more. >> : you think like montgomery put colors own or was he pushed. i think that pushed him but i think a large tire i think they the mistake. yet the 67 years old didn't push him but i don't think they barricaded the door to keep him in there. >> : where the only real answer that does not do commercials. fraises please my point is my dad told me
6:57 pm
bulldog: through sunday, get $300 off serta perfect sleeper, and sealy posturepedic. plus, free delivery! save more green during mattress discounters red tag sale, through sunday. ♪ mattress discounters >> what letterman's saying now about his retirement. >> and who will replace
6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
"the insider" on perspective on today's top-trending stories. >> it's very sad. >> heartbreaking. >> i grew up on david letterman. >> stars on letterman's retirement shocker. who could replace dave? >> if craig ferguson wants the late show, he gets the late show. there is always a way out of these contracts. >> it's the message tonight. >> i just heard. >> this will be good. >> plus -- letterman's classic moments with his former intern inside his late shift turmoil. >> it was like two strange days. >> then was james franco really caught seducing a 17-year-old girl online? >> i'm embarrassed. >> plus heaven is for real. >> where did you see him? >> in heaven. >> we're with the real-life family behind the movie. >> he had to have had an hour of earthly experience. >> and brandy breaks down over her miracle baby. >> not knowing if i was going to have him broke my heart. >> and my girl marie osmond has a little crush.
7:00 pm
>> i mean, come on. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> letterman's retirement and what it's going to mean to the late-night landscape. hi, everyone. i'm thea andrews. kevin frazier is taking vacation and i have mike michael yo with me. >> obviously no one can replace there are some busy agents in hollywood today and obviously no one can replace dave, there are plenty of people eyeing his seat. >> let the casting games begin. >> meanwhile, after he made his big announcement, he shot a second show talking to the audience about his retirement and that show will air tonight, but cbs gave us a preview. >> a year from now i'll be on a beach with the metal detector. >> earlier today i called the president of cbs, the guy who owns the network, leslie moonves, and i said i'm retiring, and there was a pause and he said who is this? letterman shaking up late night and his retirement news helped hi


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